Summer Contest Beach Towel


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Summer Contest Beach Towel
Summer Contest Beach Towel

This was designed by our Summer Artist Contest winner, Jeff! 

Jeff is choosing to support Surfer's Healing with a portion of the proceeds from his design. Surfer's Healing is his favorite organization and is where he was able to meet the Zuggy Crew! Surfer's Healing has opened up Jeff and his family’s world to the most amazing people and experiences. Jeff can't wait to have “one perfect day” again!

Jeff Dyer is a 37-year-old man with the biggest heart from Pearl River, New York. He loves his family, friends, movies and adventures. Jeff lives in a group home with his best buddies where he leads a fruitful life, taking great pride in his work as the office mailman and with Meals on Wheels. During the pandemic, his wonderful agency Another Step offered art class via Zoom and it gave him great joy during trying times.

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