Why Zuggy Etc?

Zuggy Etc. was born from the vision that members of the special needs’ community deserve to have something of their own to work towards and be proud of. We wish to engage these individuals to take pride and a sense of ownership in something they can build together while creating employment opportunities for them and their friends. 

Each featured artist of the month will first, create their designs, and then choose the project or charity they wish to support for their assigned month. Next, they will select the shirt type, color, and style for production. Once the shirts are printed, they will go back to our special team for sorting, packing and shipping. 

We hope to expand the business to help engage and employ as many team members as possible by offering a variety of merchandise and seasonal products. Not only is this an opportunity to employ individuals, it is an opportunity to bring together friends in the special needs community and encourage social and communication skills. 

Zuggy Etc. was inspired by a wonderful group of friends and we hope to continue to branch out and grow, thus engaging more of our friends in the special needs’ community. We believe that with hard work and a little help from our friends, dreams can become reality!



Each month Zuggy Etc. will feature a fresh T-shirt design from a different member of our extra special team. All art is designed by members of the Special Needs community and adults with Autism. Designs will be limited edition and sold on a monthly basis with potential growth into other products in the future. The featured monthly team member will be paid for their design. A portion of each sale will then be given to the charity or cause of the artists choice for the month.

By supporting Zuggy Etc. you not only get to wear unique artwork, but you support these awesome, specially-abled adults and a cause they are passionate about!


Here’s How It Works:

1.  A Zuggy Etc. artist will create a T-shirt design

2. They are paid for their design

3. You order a t-shirt

4. We print and ship your unique, limited edition Tee!